Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The one about a one year absence & things you hate

Hey guys, I was away for a while, mainly due to real-life (as much as I have it) issues. I came back in the beginning of January, just soon enough to see the implementation of Brestia and it's quests. Not much to say about it, it's a new town with lots of daily favor quests. Noone knows what happens when you get 10k favor for any of the factionm but I hope IAH will release the data soon.
                        There are quests that are directly connected with sub quests of the characters for instance Selva's extended quest which requires interaction with the Old Witch in Bahama. But, if you're one of the old pioneers that had it's Pioneering questline reset/bugged you can't enter the house. Therefore you can't finish Selva's quest. Therefore you cannot proceed with Marchettis recruitment quest. Sucks. Already sent a ticket to IAH support and they just responded: "... we understand the situation that you have faced, and have brought this issue up to the relevant departments and they will be looking into it.

We are very sorry that you have to encounter this issue, and will be resolving it for you as soon as possible..."
                        Which is the same answer I got A YEAR AGO when I couldn't recruit Raven, and even then it took them 6 months to resolve the issue.

So that was point a) in the "things I hate in GE"

b) 13 year old kids that play GE. I mean they're probably not 13, and GE isn't focused on an older audience, but seriously people, stop acting like you just got your first pubic hair. There was an incident yesterday, got to AT Castilia, got to a spot, pressed spacebar and started powerlvling my noobies. I was there for like 42 minutes from my noobs level 80-98. Suddenly a Jacking bot shows up exactly on my spot (there was tons of other spots), and starts putting up turrets. I was like:" can you move please?" At first he said nothing, then he said:" This is my spot" "I just went back to town for supplies, to restock"
Listen honey, you may have been here before, but not for the past 42 minutes. Not only that I hate kids that act like that, he even started throwing names of my faction mates, trying to justify his ks-ing. Noone in the Faction knew him. So next time when you decide to bot on a spot where people have been long before you: please go die in a fire.

c) People who use the word "fresh" to describe an item they got, like an hour ago. NOONE CARES!!!! If you think that age of an item, affect it's price, then by all means I'll gladly buy a Punisher stancebook that's 2 years past it's expiration date for 20m, hell even for 100m! STOP USING THIS WORD!

d) People who need money this minute, and put the word "RUSH!!!" in the /broad message.
If you need money that desperate, drop/lower the price a little bit, and I'll personally guarantee you that people will spam you with whispers.

e) And now for creme-de-la-creme, the cherry on top, and I know I'm not alone in this, hands down the most hated thig in GE: When you're trying to sell an item, broading ".. selling xxx, pm me" people always ask "What's your price?" or "What's your offer?", and then you tell them the price, and they just go silent. Like they're not there anymore. They don't say: "No, sorry that's too much/too low" or " Sorry I can't afford that", they just go silent. EVERYONE HATES THIS! If you're only asking for a price since you have a same item, and trying to sell it too, then say so. This has happened so many times to me, that I've just started to block those players. In one week I had more than 20 family names in my ignore list, and not just any names, like I'm talking about family names that have been there for a long time, people who broad a lot. So yeah next time you ask for offer/price and don't intend to answer, go to hell. Seriously. In my head that means you're not worthy of doing trade with me.

So that was a bunch of complaints, next time I might do a quest guide or even F.R.I.E.N.D.S part drei.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The one about F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (Part Duo)

Main Characters :

Eva (Catherine the Summoner, a power frenzy robot, that is trying to take over the world)
Artorian (Fighter (M), hyperactive, a typical male)
CleoPetra (Idge the Battlesmith, madly in love with the fighter)

Act one, scene two : in Meridian of Zeia

-Eva :"Pesky humans... Destroying my dolls... HAVE NO FEAR MY MINIONS YOU SHALL BE AVENGED!!!
-Artorian: (Uses Provoke; Bring it on!): Woo-Hoo!" (Starts smashing werewolves with his sword):"Come here little doggie! I won't hurt you.. much..! (Suddenly finds himself surrounded with 6 mobs) "Well I never tought you'd hate me that much after using Provoke!"
-CleoPetra : (From somewhere far behind): "I'm coming... (adding quietly) My Love..." (Jumps next to the fighter, and spins her polearm all around her, knocking back all the mobs) "There.. all safe"
The mobs now start to get up, and run away.

-Eva: (
Angry) " By the creator... you stupid organism, you're useless as ever!" "Now the mobs have ran away, what are we going to do now!?!"
-Artorian : "Ladies, ladies... relax... It's not like those were the only mobs on the map!"
-Eva: (Still enraged) "Doesn't matter... they're hard enough to kill, and now the "Fat One", (points to CleoPetra) drew them away!"
-CleoPetra : (Loud) "I'm not fat! It's these baggy pants... they make my legs look... chunky"
-Artorian: (In a quiet voice) "...yeah and yesterday you said you were "Big Boned" ..."
-CleoPetra: (hearing the remark) "Et tu, my love, et tu...? (then adding louder) "And Eva, where were your dolls? You didn't help at all!"
-Eva : (puts hands on her own hips, in a defensive tone)"Well so - rry, if I hate watching my people die!... Not to mention the toolboxes are expensive."
-Artorian : "Wait... Your people? You're nothing more than a dumb A.I., a product of the guy with the funky hair, who couldn't go over the loss of his daughter!" (Dr. Torsche refference)

(Meanwhile CleoPetra starts moving slowly and quietly behind the robot)

-Eva (continues): " ...BOW BEFORE MY MIGHTY ARMY OF MINIONS THAT SHALL ENSLAVE ALL OF HUMANITY! RUN IN FEAR AS THE RIGHTEOUS HAMMER OF WRATH 10100110001010011100..." (Her eyes suddenly turn to dark blue, as the robot shuts down)
-Artorian : (confused)" ... okay what just happened?"
(Head of the battlesmith suddenly pops up from behind the robot, smiling)
-CleoPetra : "I've shut her off"
-Artorian:" Ooh, She's gonna be pissed when she boots-up"
-CleoPetra :"Nah, it was about time we formatted and upgraded her"
-Artorian: (quietly) " Phew, so much for forgetting to delete my browser history..."
-CleoPetra: "YOUR WHAT?!?" (Now angered) "You were using her to check up on your e-mails, weren't you?"
-Artorian : "Riiiight... e-mails..." (After a short pause) "What OS was she running on anyway?"
(The battlesmith opens a panel on the robots back)
-CleoPetra: "Let me check" (The infotab on the robot says: Windows Vista, 2005 All Rights Reserved) (Laughs) "No wonder."

-Artorian :(Grabs the useless robot, and puts her over his shoulder) "Let's head back. We need to upgrade her."
-CleoPetra: (adding) "And deliver the quest to queen Hamaan."
-Artorian: (quietly)" And to see that fine ass of hers..."
-CleoPetra: (now angry again after hearing that comment) "WHAT?!?"
-Artorian: "Oh, nothing, nothing..."

After a while our heroes stop.

-CleoPetra: (
Annoyed) "What is it now?
-Artorian: "Something just occured to me."
-CleoPetra: "Well, this should be good" (making fun of the Fighters low INT, turns around and faces him)
-Artorian: "We were in the Meridian of Zeia..."
-CleoPetra: "Yeah..."
-Artorian: (continues) "Meridian meaning half a day...."
-CleoPetra: "Yeah... where are you going with this?"
-Artorian: (interrupts her) "Just hear me out. We were killing werewolves..."
-CleoPetra: "Correct..."
-Artorian: "...which need MOONLIGHT to turn from humans to werewolves..."
-CleoPetra: (
starts putting together pieces in her mind) "I think I see your point. How could we have been killing werewolves in the middle of the day? They should have turned to humans already..."
-Artorian: "Something's not right here. Lemme try something"
(The fighter drops the robot on the ground, runs to the nearest werewolf and instakills him with Centella)
-CleoPetra: (impressed with the fighters strength and stars in her eyes)" My hero <3"
(The fighter drags the body of the werewolf to the girls, and drops it on the floor with a loud thud, and a proud expression on his face, similiar to that of a cat that just dropped a dead mouse at your feet)
-CleoPetra: (Lets out a girly shriek) (Then after closer inspection of the body) "Wait, is that a mask?"
-Artorian: "A what?"
-CleoPetra : (Grabs the lower neck of the werewolf, and pulls of a rubber mask) "See?"
-Artorian: "Well I'll be damned"
(After a careful inspection of the pseudowarewolf, the battlesmith recognizes the face of the NPC Risia)
-CleoPetra: "It's that NPC that gave us the quest!"
-Artorian: "But why?" "Were they trying to scare off the Pioneers from stealing their Ti/Ar runes? Why not post a big sign that says: "No stealing Runes!" "I swear to god, this is like a really bad Scobby-Doo episode."
CleoPetra: "Yeah, great work Shaggy!"
-Artorian (-.-) :"Shut it Velma!"
-CleoPetra: (Offended because she was called Velma, and not Daphne) "I hate you!" (Slaps the fighter and runs away towards Zeia)
-Artorian: "God I hate her..."

After that CleoPetra's Facebook relationship status was changed to "It's complicated", which was liked by Claude Baudez.

Ooh and after a careful inspection by an I.T. Specialist, Eva was upgraded with Win7, and now serves as Artorian's personal sex slave.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Ressurection

"With a loud bang, the world was shaken. Trees were bending backwards by the sheer force of the explosion. Blinding white light was seen from Auch all the way to Brestia, when the Kasumatra family left the barracks and appeared in Auch."

...is something I imagine happened when I logged in after 2 years. Soooo much has chaged in this game, too much to write about it in one post. I'll spare you guys the details, I'll just write the achievements so far:

-Finnaly got about 10 master characters,
-Joined the Pokemon faction
-Completed almost every quest (except for Raven's since it's bugged all the way back to pioneering questline)
-Equipped my chars with nearly end game armor (Elite Leblanc)
-Got my 1st piece of Constellation series weapons.

So, a big YAY for me, but a big boo for IAH and IMC. Fixing your problems is taking waaay too long, and costumers are getting tired of that.

The things I still have on my list:
-Const series for most of my chars
-Getting Lionel and Pwnisher stance
-Soloing Occulta BH under 10 minutes
-Write the next story, which will include Catherine the summoner (a power frenzy robot that wants to destroy all humans), Fighter (hyperactive, I think he found out what "Mystery powders" are for) and Idge the Battlesmith (head over heels in love with the fighter, desperately trying to get his attention and approval)

So much for now, think the next update on this blog (if there are still any readers left) will probably come next thursday :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The one about Rapiere a.k.a. poke-me-with-the-rapier

So this one is relatively easy to get, you only need symbol of taurus, which can be obtained by killing Treasure Golem, or buying it for 50-75m (I bought my symbol for 75m, next day it was 50m in Market manager -.- )
The rapiere stace is a stance for the rapier users i.e. Andre, Miss K, Gavin, and the Baron brothers. As far as i can thell, the Baron Brothers pwn with this stance, because their stance must include their self-buff, in exchange for a weak skill. Aaaaand.. since your self-buff is hopefully already on lvl 10-11, you have enough skillpoints to max all other skills.

The stance itself grants you: +10 Accuracy, +25% Attack speed, +18%Critical rate (with Baron brothers you ding 21 of pure critical rate, and If youre lucky enough, your two rapiers both have +12 on critical (muahaha) ding-ing 45% Critical rate which is more than Lisa/Calyce, and much more than Selvas Cauchemar), block +30, Penetration +20.

It's attack consist of 2 pokes, or poke and a slash with the rapier, so the minimum attack speed is 20. Combining that with 45 Block rate, it's survivability can be compared to Equites.
Yes I know it sucks, only Equites has Immunuty so far : /.

I'll let out the first one (Soul of Grim) since you already know what it does.
The skills are pretty much straightforward, only thing Rapiere is missing, is a good AoE skill, and a skill that causes stun/poison/Mortal Wound/Enervation or sth.

Not really worth getting a Ring, for this buff, it only lasts 15 sec, and grants you +10 on accuracy.

Otherwise the stance is a must for Edward/Kurt users. It's cheap, and it brings those characters on a whole new level.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The one on Equites stance a.k.a. return of the swords

So After a long night of negotiations for the Saggitarius symbol, (really don't know why did they give Saggitarius for a melee stance, since it could have been for Flintlock), and 6 pieces of growth stones, I was finally able to buy the Expert stancebook for the Equites stance. The symbol itself is dropped from King of Greed (Raidable in bahama caverns spawn every 3 hrs I believe). If you buy it from a player it can cost from 450-700m (I was lucky enough to persuade my seller to drop the price to 450m, but it's still too expensive).

Getting a +6 Pioneering Epic sword was easy, enough, but it took me 8 days and 1 Tactics manual and about 120 Training pots to get it to lvl 25. It levels very slowly since it's meant for Experts (but in leveling this stance i actually enjoyed). So for expert stances, Tactics manuals actually come in handy, and as a player informed me, getting a expert stance from level 1 to 25 would cost you 400 Training potions (large).

The Block is nice, the attack speed is nice, the critical is nice, not to mention the pentration (ignoring a certain % of targets block/evasion) and Immuninty (chance to ignore targets DEF/RES). The accuracy adds a bit of a "kick" to the stance, since the damage isn't stable anymore, and now instead it fluctuates from 55% of max dmg to 100% of max dmg. (with AGI 6 and no aiming gloves)

And here are the skills. I advise you to leave either 1st or 2nd skill on level 8.

The only AoE skill:

Here you have a self-buff, that grants you a new type of "element" that can't be resisted, and adds Accuracy (and +1AR on lvl 11)

The flashiest of skills :D (my personal favourite), strikes twice at the enemy, then turns the back to them, and stabs him from behind he he.

The last skill with the jump-strike he he:

So is it worth it? Well.... if you think swords are under-rated, and if you have a STR or STR/AGI or AGI build on Romina, you will fu**** get this stance. it's awesome! By effectivness of dps and block, it can easily be compared to Selvas Rapida Espada stance.

But if you don't have Romina, have a HP build on your stock fighter, and you don't intend to use swords alot, then forget it. It's waay too expensive, atleast now when the symbols are like 500m+. It's not one of those vet stances you buy "just-to-see-them".

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The one about Occulta Dungeon

One of the highlights of this week, was getting GP's in less than 24hr (thats a record for me), boosting my equips, and spamming ABS to get Te/Ti runes. (notice: 5 of Te are needed to enter the dungeon in night time, and 5 Ti are needed to enter the dungeon in daytime).

I got really lucky, that for a change I turned the /broad messages on, and saw someone broading that he's looking for party for Occulta. (Silly me I actually wanted to solo the dungeon, and then I was glad I didn't because the mobs there are lvl 121-125 I think. )

Our raiding teams consisted of 2 squads with 4 members. (Those other members (I'm talking about Kazel's LUXORY's and Tsumasa's (I believe it was spelled that way) )were really tough, I felt like a newbie there eventhough I used my expert team: fighter/ele/Brunie). Almost everyone in team got like +6/+7 Serpentine stuff O.O

The point of doing this dungeon was killing 10 Werewolf Elders for the last part of Nar's quest, and getting the rare drop of the Diary which unlocks the Expert stancebook purchase option.
As far as I was conserned getting Nar's option was enough, because people on the forum were complaining that they farmed there for 9hrs before getting the Diary.

The first room of the dungeon was packed with headless tanks/shooters/fighters (big ugly mofo's that can hit hard). After a few minor slip-ups we killed them and proceeded to the second room filled with Spike traps (mobs don't trigger them), and an upgraded version of Jack's turerts that were shooting lightning orbs.
That part was painfull, but if you stick to the wall, no bigger harm will be done.

At that point we already killed 10 of the Elders, so I was already thinking of going back.
With the next kill Diaries started to drop.... most of the people got it in like 20 minutes after in the dungeon, and after being there the 2nd, 3rd time.

Again, I got lucky and with next kill I ding-ed the diary, weee:D. Then we stayed a bit longer and helped everyone to get the diary... and that was the painful part... a very unlucky familiy named LUXORY (i think), was there for the 3rd time, and it still took us 3hrs to get his diary....

from that poin on, we decided (I mean they decided I just tagged along lol) to get to the Necroshaman. But before that, we had to cross the Great Rotatin Blades room. a room, full with lvl 161 (!!!) Great rotating blades, and mobs cruising among them, was just too much. I used 24x Soul Crystals to get to the other side, just to get ganked by same mobs as in first room of the dungeon. (that just sucked, because everyones healers were dead, and most of us ran out of SC).

At that point I relogged back in, finished the quests, got rewards from both quests: 6x Veteran Exp cards (every card gives 10% of a vet lvl, or 1% of former vet lvl), Nar card, and epic glaziums.

And ofcourse the ability to buy Expert stancebooks, weehee:D.

Now all I need are symbols of Leo, and Saggitarius....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The one about STR vs. AGI

No ofcourse, everybody is confused wether to add AGI or STR to his/her char.

Well it's simple actually:if your char uses block or evasion add AGI. if you're vet-ing any character that uses: rapiers, daggers, sabres, one handed swords, pistols, gaiters, knuckles, and you plan to use only those weapon till expert, go for AGI.

in terms of DPS-ing, go for AGI.
in terms of pvping alot, go for STR.

Now lets rewiew the DPSing part, shall we?

We have a character with a small weapon (previously described ones), that has an attack speed of 20, and deals 1000 dmg per hit.

meaning: 1: 0.20 x 1000= 5000 DPS (damage per second)

now, at vet level, if you add STR:

1:0.20x1200=6000 DPS (As we know, adding STR, adds 20% of damage, therefore increase from 1000 to 1200)

and if you add AGI at vet level: (Adding AGI at vet will add 10% attack speed, and 10% attack if youre a light weapon user, not to mention it increases Evasion and block)

1: 0.18 x 1100= 6111 DPS

clearly the DPS IS higher. Now in terms for raiding, and generally afking, having stun/poison on weapon, for christ's sake, add AGI to your char!!!!

If you're PVP-ing alot, go for STR, because the 20% STR bonus affects your skills also, and in PVP you use skills, you don't DPS the enemy. (If you're dpsing the player, you've got bigger issuses to think about, than what stats to add at vet heh)

Hope this clears some stuff out :)