Thursday, March 19, 2009

The one on Equites stance a.k.a. return of the swords

So After a long night of negotiations for the Saggitarius symbol, (really don't know why did they give Saggitarius for a melee stance, since it could have been for Flintlock), and 6 pieces of growth stones, I was finally able to buy the Expert stancebook for the Equites stance. The symbol itself is dropped from King of Greed (Raidable in bahama caverns spawn every 3 hrs I believe). If you buy it from a player it can cost from 450-700m (I was lucky enough to persuade my seller to drop the price to 450m, but it's still too expensive).

Getting a +6 Pioneering Epic sword was easy, enough, but it took me 8 days and 1 Tactics manual and about 120 Training pots to get it to lvl 25. It levels very slowly since it's meant for Experts (but in leveling this stance i actually enjoyed). So for expert stances, Tactics manuals actually come in handy, and as a player informed me, getting a expert stance from level 1 to 25 would cost you 400 Training potions (large).

The Block is nice, the attack speed is nice, the critical is nice, not to mention the pentration (ignoring a certain % of targets block/evasion) and Immuninty (chance to ignore targets DEF/RES). The accuracy adds a bit of a "kick" to the stance, since the damage isn't stable anymore, and now instead it fluctuates from 55% of max dmg to 100% of max dmg. (with AGI 6 and no aiming gloves)

And here are the skills. I advise you to leave either 1st or 2nd skill on level 8.

The only AoE skill:

Here you have a self-buff, that grants you a new type of "element" that can't be resisted, and adds Accuracy (and +1AR on lvl 11)

The flashiest of skills :D (my personal favourite), strikes twice at the enemy, then turns the back to them, and stabs him from behind he he.

The last skill with the jump-strike he he:

So is it worth it? Well.... if you think swords are under-rated, and if you have a STR or STR/AGI or AGI build on Romina, you will fu**** get this stance. it's awesome! By effectivness of dps and block, it can easily be compared to Selvas Rapida Espada stance.

But if you don't have Romina, have a HP build on your stock fighter, and you don't intend to use swords alot, then forget it. It's waay too expensive, atleast now when the symbols are like 500m+. It's not one of those vet stances you buy "just-to-see-them".

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