Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Ressurection

"With a loud bang, the world was shaken. Trees were bending backwards by the sheer force of the explosion. Blinding white light was seen from Auch all the way to Brestia, when the Kasumatra family left the barracks and appeared in Auch." something I imagine happened when I logged in after 2 years. Soooo much has chaged in this game, too much to write about it in one post. I'll spare you guys the details, I'll just write the achievements so far:

-Finnaly got about 10 master characters,
-Joined the Pokemon faction
-Completed almost every quest (except for Raven's since it's bugged all the way back to pioneering questline)
-Equipped my chars with nearly end game armor (Elite Leblanc)
-Got my 1st piece of Constellation series weapons.

So, a big YAY for me, but a big boo for IAH and IMC. Fixing your problems is taking waaay too long, and costumers are getting tired of that.

The things I still have on my list:
-Const series for most of my chars
-Getting Lionel and Pwnisher stance
-Soloing Occulta BH under 10 minutes
-Write the next story, which will include Catherine the summoner (a power frenzy robot that wants to destroy all humans), Fighter (hyperactive, I think he found out what "Mystery powders" are for) and Idge the Battlesmith (head over heels in love with the fighter, desperately trying to get his attention and approval)

So much for now, think the next update on this blog (if there are still any readers left) will probably come next thursday :)

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