Sunday, April 19, 2009

The one about Rapiere a.k.a. poke-me-with-the-rapier

So this one is relatively easy to get, you only need symbol of taurus, which can be obtained by killing Treasure Golem, or buying it for 50-75m (I bought my symbol for 75m, next day it was 50m in Market manager -.- )
The rapiere stace is a stance for the rapier users i.e. Andre, Miss K, Gavin, and the Baron brothers. As far as i can thell, the Baron Brothers pwn with this stance, because their stance must include their self-buff, in exchange for a weak skill. Aaaaand.. since your self-buff is hopefully already on lvl 10-11, you have enough skillpoints to max all other skills.

The stance itself grants you: +10 Accuracy, +25% Attack speed, +18%Critical rate (with Baron brothers you ding 21 of pure critical rate, and If youre lucky enough, your two rapiers both have +12 on critical (muahaha) ding-ing 45% Critical rate which is more than Lisa/Calyce, and much more than Selvas Cauchemar), block +30, Penetration +20.

It's attack consist of 2 pokes, or poke and a slash with the rapier, so the minimum attack speed is 20. Combining that with 45 Block rate, it's survivability can be compared to Equites.
Yes I know it sucks, only Equites has Immunuty so far : /.

I'll let out the first one (Soul of Grim) since you already know what it does.
The skills are pretty much straightforward, only thing Rapiere is missing, is a good AoE skill, and a skill that causes stun/poison/Mortal Wound/Enervation or sth.

Not really worth getting a Ring, for this buff, it only lasts 15 sec, and grants you +10 on accuracy.

Otherwise the stance is a must for Edward/Kurt users. It's cheap, and it brings those characters on a whole new level.


shinelight said...

hi ur faction buddy...just checking on ur blog...
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Colbourn Family said...

the symbols use for constellation stances is so expensive