Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The one about STR vs. AGI

No ofcourse, everybody is confused wether to add AGI or STR to his/her char.

Well it's simple actually:if your char uses block or evasion add AGI. if you're vet-ing any character that uses: rapiers, daggers, sabres, one handed swords, pistols, gaiters, knuckles, and you plan to use only those weapon till expert, go for AGI.

in terms of DPS-ing, go for AGI.
in terms of pvping alot, go for STR.

Now lets rewiew the DPSing part, shall we?

We have a character with a small weapon (previously described ones), that has an attack speed of 20, and deals 1000 dmg per hit.

meaning: 1: 0.20 x 1000= 5000 DPS (damage per second)

now, at vet level, if you add STR:

1:0.20x1200=6000 DPS (As we know, adding STR, adds 20% of damage, therefore increase from 1000 to 1200)

and if you add AGI at vet level: (Adding AGI at vet will add 10% attack speed, and 10% attack if youre a light weapon user, not to mention it increases Evasion and block)

1: 0.18 x 1100= 6111 DPS

clearly the DPS IS higher. Now in terms for raiding, and generally afking, having stun/poison on weapon, for christ's sake, add AGI to your char!!!!

If you're PVP-ing alot, go for STR, because the 20% STR bonus affects your skills also, and in PVP you use skills, you don't DPS the enemy. (If you're dpsing the player, you've got bigger issuses to think about, than what stats to add at vet heh)

Hope this clears some stuff out :)

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