Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The one about a one year absence & things you hate

Hey guys, I was away for a while, mainly due to real-life (as much as I have it) issues. I came back in the beginning of January, just soon enough to see the implementation of Brestia and it's quests. Not much to say about it, it's a new town with lots of daily favor quests. Noone knows what happens when you get 10k favor for any of the factionm but I hope IAH will release the data soon.
                        There are quests that are directly connected with sub quests of the characters for instance Selva's extended quest which requires interaction with the Old Witch in Bahama. But, if you're one of the old pioneers that had it's Pioneering questline reset/bugged you can't enter the house. Therefore you can't finish Selva's quest. Therefore you cannot proceed with Marchettis recruitment quest. Sucks. Already sent a ticket to IAH support and they just responded: "... we understand the situation that you have faced, and have brought this issue up to the relevant departments and they will be looking into it.

We are very sorry that you have to encounter this issue, and will be resolving it for you as soon as possible..."
                        Which is the same answer I got A YEAR AGO when I couldn't recruit Raven, and even then it took them 6 months to resolve the issue.

So that was point a) in the "things I hate in GE"

b) 13 year old kids that play GE. I mean they're probably not 13, and GE isn't focused on an older audience, but seriously people, stop acting like you just got your first pubic hair. There was an incident yesterday, got to AT Castilia, got to a spot, pressed spacebar and started powerlvling my noobies. I was there for like 42 minutes from my noobs level 80-98. Suddenly a Jacking bot shows up exactly on my spot (there was tons of other spots), and starts putting up turrets. I was like:" can you move please?" At first he said nothing, then he said:" This is my spot" "I just went back to town for supplies, to restock"
Listen honey, you may have been here before, but not for the past 42 minutes. Not only that I hate kids that act like that, he even started throwing names of my faction mates, trying to justify his ks-ing. Noone in the Faction knew him. So next time when you decide to bot on a spot where people have been long before you: please go die in a fire.

c) People who use the word "fresh" to describe an item they got, like an hour ago. NOONE CARES!!!! If you think that age of an item, affect it's price, then by all means I'll gladly buy a Punisher stancebook that's 2 years past it's expiration date for 20m, hell even for 100m! STOP USING THIS WORD!

d) People who need money this minute, and put the word "RUSH!!!" in the /broad message.
If you need money that desperate, drop/lower the price a little bit, and I'll personally guarantee you that people will spam you with whispers.

e) And now for creme-de-la-creme, the cherry on top, and I know I'm not alone in this, hands down the most hated thig in GE: When you're trying to sell an item, broading ".. selling xxx, pm me" people always ask "What's your price?" or "What's your offer?", and then you tell them the price, and they just go silent. Like they're not there anymore. They don't say: "No, sorry that's too much/too low" or " Sorry I can't afford that", they just go silent. EVERYONE HATES THIS! If you're only asking for a price since you have a same item, and trying to sell it too, then say so. This has happened so many times to me, that I've just started to block those players. In one week I had more than 20 family names in my ignore list, and not just any names, like I'm talking about family names that have been there for a long time, people who broad a lot. So yeah next time you ask for offer/price and don't intend to answer, go to hell. Seriously. In my head that means you're not worthy of doing trade with me.

So that was a bunch of complaints, next time I might do a quest guide or even F.R.I.E.N.D.S part drei.