Thursday, February 26, 2009

The one about Occulta Dungeon

One of the highlights of this week, was getting GP's in less than 24hr (thats a record for me), boosting my equips, and spamming ABS to get Te/Ti runes. (notice: 5 of Te are needed to enter the dungeon in night time, and 5 Ti are needed to enter the dungeon in daytime).

I got really lucky, that for a change I turned the /broad messages on, and saw someone broading that he's looking for party for Occulta. (Silly me I actually wanted to solo the dungeon, and then I was glad I didn't because the mobs there are lvl 121-125 I think. )

Our raiding teams consisted of 2 squads with 4 members. (Those other members (I'm talking about Kazel's LUXORY's and Tsumasa's (I believe it was spelled that way) )were really tough, I felt like a newbie there eventhough I used my expert team: fighter/ele/Brunie). Almost everyone in team got like +6/+7 Serpentine stuff O.O

The point of doing this dungeon was killing 10 Werewolf Elders for the last part of Nar's quest, and getting the rare drop of the Diary which unlocks the Expert stancebook purchase option.
As far as I was conserned getting Nar's option was enough, because people on the forum were complaining that they farmed there for 9hrs before getting the Diary.

The first room of the dungeon was packed with headless tanks/shooters/fighters (big ugly mofo's that can hit hard). After a few minor slip-ups we killed them and proceeded to the second room filled with Spike traps (mobs don't trigger them), and an upgraded version of Jack's turerts that were shooting lightning orbs.
That part was painfull, but if you stick to the wall, no bigger harm will be done.

At that point we already killed 10 of the Elders, so I was already thinking of going back.
With the next kill Diaries started to drop.... most of the people got it in like 20 minutes after in the dungeon, and after being there the 2nd, 3rd time.

Again, I got lucky and with next kill I ding-ed the diary, weee:D. Then we stayed a bit longer and helped everyone to get the diary... and that was the painful part... a very unlucky familiy named LUXORY (i think), was there for the 3rd time, and it still took us 3hrs to get his diary....

from that poin on, we decided (I mean they decided I just tagged along lol) to get to the Necroshaman. But before that, we had to cross the Great Rotatin Blades room. a room, full with lvl 161 (!!!) Great rotating blades, and mobs cruising among them, was just too much. I used 24x Soul Crystals to get to the other side, just to get ganked by same mobs as in first room of the dungeon. (that just sucked, because everyones healers were dead, and most of us ran out of SC).

At that point I relogged back in, finished the quests, got rewards from both quests: 6x Veteran Exp cards (every card gives 10% of a vet lvl, or 1% of former vet lvl), Nar card, and epic glaziums.

And ofcourse the ability to buy Expert stancebooks, weehee:D.

Now all I need are symbols of Leo, and Saggitarius....

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