Monday, August 18, 2008

The very first one (YAY!)

So here I am, starting a new Blog in the sea of blogs, hoping to bring me fame and fortune. Not. xD

since i have too much free time in my hands i started a blog about the game Granado Espada, and of my family in this game.

My family is currently made out of 18 characters (yay 2 full baracks woohoo), but mostly I play only a few of them.

My main team consists out of 3 Experts (Brunie/female Elementalist/male Scout).

now this blog is made purely as a tool to inform and educate the GE gamers of GE updates, and the ones copied from Mistress Hrins blog. (Oh yeah forgot to mention she's a nice lady, over there at the IAH games, who keeps the community happy, and tries to calm angry gamers about the ever-postponing crew of IAH developers (no offense here, nothing personal from my POV))

Last time there was a post in her blog, it was one who everyone should put in their Favorite folders, regarding the new updates of GE v2.6, and she announced that v2.9 will (Should) be out towards the end of September.

Here's a link to her blog:

Personally i really can't wait for the upcoming update on this thursday, when the new Mighty Cruz, Low Guard, and Raid Assault stances will be released. I'm really psyched!

Hopefully i won't be dissapointed as I was with the musketeer stances, when they announced the v2.6 in march : /

I know, I know you guys will probably say: "Dude, chill, it's just a game!", but try to put yourself in my skin.
a)I come from europe, meaning that whatever bonuses you guys get over there in your cybercafes, I can never get, not to mention not being able to participate in some of the GE parties and festivals, and stuff like that. (and yes, I'd really like to meet my Factionmates in person too)
b) getting Gpoints, without owning a creditcard can be a long journey. Walking to the bank, waiting in line for 45 minutes, fillin' out the forms for the payment using Western Union Money Transfer, then waiting for another 35 minutes for the nice lady behind the counter to Fax the form of WU to WU HQ, then waiting for another 15 minutes for their reply, and walking back home, revitalising yourself with some cool H2O, mailing the MTCN of WU to the gameshop, and finally waiting for a week, for the Gpoints to arrive. And by that time, there is another update, requring more Gpoints. so basically I'm back to square one. Ha Ha.

Enough for now, i'll write again when i see the new stances yay :D

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