Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The one about being sent to jails

So yes, yesterday I got reported by some lunatic, who had too much free time on his hands, and i got sent to jail. And no, I wasn't using any 3rd party programs because I dislike the idea of paying someone/sometinh to play games instead of me. Thats just plain stupid. Paying someone to play your games, while you just watch? Boo Boo to everyone who bots heh. So how I ended up in jail? well... thats another story really. As some of you may already know, usually when someone reports you as a botter (either someone playing BotCop, an actualy GM ingame (haha yeah right)or someone who's spot you've taken, and hes too lazy to move/switch channel.) a window pops up. like a little square window, kindly telling you that you've been reported using 3rd party programs. So you have 2 minutes and 3 attempts to put in the text that appears in the window. So usually it starts by seeing some weird asian letters/fonts (Edit: Found out they're Korean), and after a second or two, the image switches to normal, european letters. But, this time it didn't. It just kept showing me those letters. so i wated.. and waited.. the I was like: my gosh my 2 minutes are almost up. So 10 seconds before the time ran out, i just started pressing radnom letters, hoping it would fit those in Korean.

Epic Fail.

Got send to jail. Was pissed. Sent a Ticket to the Tech support. Expected a "screw you, we ain't gonna sent you out of jail. What were you doing there in ste first place??" kinda reply. I was surprised.

I got this:

Answer: Thank you for reporting this issue.This issue will be forwarded to our developers for a more in-depth investigations.Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you. Your ticket has been processed and is now closed.Should you encounter the same issue, please submit a new ticket through our Feedback and include GE-080819-0000002 as the case reference.We hope you continue to enjoy your adventure in Granado Espada.

Then i Realised something. I wasnt the first and only one. Seems like they have these kind of problems all the time. The bot report window isn't foolproof!!! Meaning: even innocent gamers can be sent to jails. Basically, you'll end up the same, if you use 3rd party programs, or not. One more reason for some poeple to either quit, or start using the GEcrazy program. Sweet. Screwed.

So I searcher the forum, and technical issues, and bug report section. Found out this thing happens very often.

As the user named tyro said:

This is what you get for playing v2.6:

Luckily You Are a Korean, Go type the text and hit SEND. If not, go to prison.

I just couldn't agree more.


Ixite said...

Yeah, as it's in korean for that 'being reported as botter' thingy.

I saw it once but lucky for me it turns into alphabets. But... that phrase of korean word are too long! Even if i know how to type i dont thk i have enough time for it.

I seriously think IAH shd fix this 'bug' ASAP lo. Also, I hate morons who report you as bot just because he couldnt get a spot he wanted... that's so lame and childish... but most players are kids in game... so what to do?

Luka Goricki (Kasumatra Family) said...

probably we just have to leave it and play it 'as it is' -.-

Anonymous said...

Hey the same thing happened to me. just wondering how do you drop a ticket in ???

Anonymous said...

hey there the same unfortunate thing happened to me to . just wondering if you can tell me how to drop a ticket. i cant seem to find it T_T