Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The one about history repeating itself.

so yes it happened again. got sent to jail, while only seeing those korean letters. I mean come on! I get it that it happens once, and you can call it a glitch/bug, but two times in a row? For Cryin' Out Loud! i'm having a feelin this is all a part of some major plan to sent Kasu to jail 4 evah!!!

Now i can't really write anything usefull, still leveing my Mighty Cruz stance, and if it wasn't for the interruptions like these (yes, hunting for Rat items, really isn't my thang.) you guys would already have a guide written.

so i'm back to hunting, hopefully tomorrow, i'll get the "guide" of Mighty Cruz done.

In the mean time, watch this one:D


I call dibbs on the blonde ^^

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Kian Koon said...

AHAH!! There always someone aiming to send you to jail. - Jinroh