Friday, August 29, 2008

The one about Mighty Cruz (an in-depth look)

YAY! the day has finally arrived! I vet'd my IBS, bought her a E92 Polearm, the Scythe to be exact (Honestly I tought the weapon of a grim reaper would look a wee bit more intimidating, than that, but I'm not giving up on my hopes for a Black Robe costume muahahaah)

I ran past all those big dino's and ended up in the Bahama base camp. Went to the scholar, gave him the Memo's and 25MP and bought me a Mighty Cruz stance book. so first of all, you need to have Blandir Cruz stance on leve 25, and obtain a Stancebook for Mighty Cruz, and have a polearm (well duh!). The first thing noticing, when switching the stance is that the stance blesses you with a ~5% Attack bonus!!!(Puts the S in Sweet^^)

Overall hitting, and the stance posture looks exactly the same as in Blandir cruz. The character brandishes the polearm the same way as he/she did with Blandir cruz. (was a bit dissapointed here.) The stance grants you with 30% attack speed bonus, 12% critical bonus, and 10 Block, with previously mentioned ~5% attack bonus. In a way, Mighty Cruz compared to Blandir Cruz is like enchanting a weapon. (wee bit stronger).

Skills? Oh there's nothing little about them. they hit wide and they hit hard! Most of the skills reduce enemy'y armour, and some of them, grant a double damage bonus to Metal tank Armours.

This stance is definetly worth having if you're a Polearm user, and if you like to hit Heavy Armoured bosses.

My idge with 7 STR (I increased at Veteran level), has 835 attack, with a +4 E92 40% atk up Scythe 26 Block, and attack spd of around 95. Pretty intimidating don't you think?;) makes her a well balanced tank, that can survive the horrors of Katovic, Frozen Plain, and not to mention the bahamas swamp in afk mode :D (ofc equipped with E84 Plate 20Def up)

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