Thursday, August 21, 2008

The one about Raid Assault (in-depth look)

So today there was this update, bringing us new veteran stances, and Idge The Battlesmith as a RNPC card, in the premium item mall. (Don't get too excited she costs 15,000 Gpoints).

All of the new veteran stances (Raid Assault, Mighty Cruz and Low Guard), are available in Bahama Base Camp, by talking to the scholar. He'll ask of you to give him 25x Expeditions Memo and 25x Mistery Powders. So today, I still haven't recieved my Gpoints, so i borrowed 25x Mpowders, and went to Base Camp. Talked to the Scholar, and Bought me Raid Assault Stancebook. Now in order to learn this vet stance, you need to have Corte Duplicado stance on level 25. After that just click on the book, to learn it.

The vet stance, makes Lisa Lynway stand a bit lower, with her feet, a bit further away from each other, in order to gain lower center of gravity. the whole Hit animaton was a bit dissapointing for me, because, she only turns her body from side, to side, making a wide sweeping motion with her daggers.

With leveling up her stance, she gets Attack speed bonus, Critical bonus, and Block!. But it's a low block, definitly can't be used for tanking raidbosses. At level 25 she gets the following bonuses: 25% speed, 25% critical, and +5 block. So adding a vet point in AGI, would increase her attack speed on around 10 with that stance, and increasing her block from 13-15.

Up: Lisa in all her glory.
Basically, if you are a speed freak (like myself), and giving Lisa daggers with high attack speed bonus (28-30%), and having a stun/poison on them, it's very useful to have her and the stance for raidbosses hence the use of "stun-lock".
I'll write again tomorrow, if i get lucky enough to get my Gpoints and buying the Mighty Cruz polearm stance.
buhbye ;)

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RosS said...

Not bad at all the guide, although i doesnt own a lisa right now but this taught me of how wonderful owning a lisa in my family in future.....10 Attack speed for the win