Friday, August 29, 2008

The one about the new Soldier's costume.

Well i'm still stuck with leveling my IBS (She's on 92 ATM), and I haven't started leveling her Mighty Cruz stance. So i'm just going to write about the new update.

So this week's update featured new costumes for the soldiers of Coimbra and Auch, which are available via the Cash Shop. Basically all the Costumes change the way they look (well duh it's a costume.), and give them 1 bonus point if AGI. Basically meaning the soldiers will now have 6 AGI. Except for the Reboldeux soldier stats, which im not sure, if there's a Quest that upgrades the Stats, and the Costume doesn't or, both do, or both don't i'll have to update this.

The costume makes an extravagant look on the soldiers like they were the Queens rolay guard or sth. (or just something dee-zigned by your Andre.) and Cost 6k something GP. kinda expensive, since i only saw one user of any soldier (Saw some guy experting his Coimbra trooper, to make a friggin' tank! his stats already include 7HP, and at expert lvl having a 9HP char, is nice. especially if he's got defender stance and provoke.) But I doubt he'll buy the dress, to give him 6 Agi.

Giving the costume to Auch trooper, will increase his AGI to 6, making him/her a copy of a Musketeer, w/o the vet, and pistol stances. so basically for 6k GP, you can make a Musk, without as many stances, but having the ability to wear Leather Armours. (Yes, the Auch Trooper has Concentration.)

Giving the Costume to Reboldeux trooper (or completing the quest), would match his base stats to those of a fighter. Straight 6-es. Again, spendins 6k GP, would make him a basic fighter without Provoke. Useless imo unless you have a 'thang' about those soldiers, and you want to 'step out' of the croud. I guess it matters on how much GP you have, and how unique you want to look.

Enough for now, I have to get back to lvling my IBS, she's nearly 93 now. After vetting her I'll write an in-depth look for Mighty cruz. (Then I just need to get a ATP to write a guide for Low guard, which I surprisingly saw only one player having it. Still think the Baron RNPC's should get Low Guard.)

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