Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The one about the ingame economy

This one has kept me up, one too many times. I think a lot of people together with the same goal, can make a change. I've noticed the effects of this one, about a year ago. It affects all of the players, and it affects the server economy. Exactly one year ago, (January-ish 2008), the prices of items were the following: lv. 100 enchantment chip piece x1 [~70m vis], lv.96 enchantment chip piece x1 [~40m vis] and lv.92 enchantment chip piece x1 [30m]. At that time, you could still go to IOF, hunt a hour or two and still make a fortune. The people got greedy (I still remember @ that time i was selling 92chips, I needed the vis, so I decided to give them for a lower price, normal was about 25-30m, I was selling them for 19.999.999 vis, the next morning i woke up, checked the Market Manager, and saw that the price has fallen to 16m.... all of that just over the night!!!!) (And I'm sorry for that one, it could'ev been my fault he he)

so I developed a theory about that one. (I think my theory may be similair to a crowd or a chaos theory, but it still works in the same principal, that people are like sheep in large numbers, and players are no exception)

Now what you need:
A few players (5-10, the more the merrier^^)
lots and lots of megaphones

now lets take an item for example, that's currently very expensive, but in quite it's common. Let's say we take rhodolite. First prices for a piece were 50m, and now they're down to 10-12m.

We take this group of people, and start making "ghost" transactions (why ghost you say? well because, a) the buyer will be selling via /broad the Rhodolite for an extremely low price lets say 4m, and the minute hell get some pm's about someone buying it, he'll just say it's already been sold to this-and-this player.In fact you don't even need the "imaginary buyer", but it's a safety precaution if someone decides to check on it.)

now do this transactions, using different users, for some days, and sooner or later, the real rhodolite sellers will start selling them for these low prices. It works on the previously described principle that people are sheep, and don't want to deviate from the larger group of players, that has it own standards. If you do deviate and don't show conformistic behaviour, the group will think of you as an outsider, and will probably try to have as little contact with you as possible. (an example about this one is: "legit" players (as the larger group), and "un-legit" players, a.k.a. botters. (the smaller group). e.g.: everyone hates botters, because they used illegal paths to achieve power. (anyone who studied sociology will get what i mean.))

so anyway... the power of a smaller group, infiltrating a larger group, to change it's ways, can be used for both good and bad purposes (you can try and boost your prices if you want, or try and break down the ingame market and economy.)

as for me: I'm currently powerlvling my Angie, and Karja, since my cath needs some backup when she's plvling (I'm not thinking of getting Nar, until someone tries my method, or the prices drop because the lack of sales he he he), and I need a crafter to craft all of those AA's hearts and stuff.

Cyu around till next time;)

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