Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The one about botters

So with v3.0 every sGE player was blessed with another gift: being unable to report/being reported as a bot, resulting in mass botting by 72% of the servers population. Joining which ever map you chose, the best places were takenby botters, especially those with fast/semi-fast spawns.

Skull dungeon 1 was full till the last spot. Topolo was full, IOF's were full. (I remember this one guy that spend like 6 days in the Topolo spawn, next to the stairs of hell, using jack, musk and a fighter.)Seriously, spending all those Toolboxes has to hurt yet budget, no matter how many lvl you gain. I can't even imagin what it looked like in AT/FT territories. (no I mean seriously, I was out in the cold for like 5 hrs, and I'm a bit under the influence of certain liquid substances, which were the only thing keeping us warm).

Anyway... hope tomorrows maintenance will fix some things, especially those with bot report windows, and certain GP stuff. Which was another smooth move by IAH : release this and this many "extra" items and "free" characters, or "increase" drops in certain games, and then make then unable to be used lol. (If I'm speaking about my example, my purchase at was like... well... held back as I may call it, meaning: the day IAH said that every purchase of GP's will get you extra 14kGP's until the end of stock, I bought 2x 70k which should result in extra 28k GP...buutttt.. as every scientist knows, theory is different than practice, my order was held long enough, for them to "just run out of speciall offers", so I wasn't given a right to get my extra GP's lol :D)

among other things: Selva is just nearing her 90, can't wait to use all of those exp cards on her (got for about 28mil exp), to boost her lvls with only clicking :D.


Catherine said...

hehe, not bad for the exp cards.
i skip one lvl which is lvl99 when she turn that lvl. so i just click click and click :P

on the side note, no update and the bot report still borke :/

Luka Goricki (Kasumatra Family) said...

That's why i'm a mking a personal bot list he he.

As soon as they're fixing the bot report, I'll be sending every1 to Disneyland :)

shinelight said...

72% pple bot....hmmm...wonder where u pluck the number from? :)

Anonymous said...

hey are you an ex l2 player? coz i have a clan at several private l2 servers- wormy

The G-man (Kasumatra Family) said...

yes, wormy i am an Ex-L2 player, I was one of the few SWS's in the HTF alliance, on the old extreme servers