Thursday, November 20, 2008

The one about getting Gavin

Now a while ago i decided to complete the bahama quests. just like that. just for fun cuz i was bored. 1st i camped for FF, and finally got it.. next obstacle was getting the elite amber bee. did that in 30 mins, i think i was lucky.

next one was getting normal aidanium and normal quartz which noone seem to have. luckily my Faction leader had it. did that, completed the quest, ran from the house back to Base Camp a few times, and the quest chain was complete.

next on the menu was the Gavin quest.

Note, the only hard part for me here was killing Novia. using pioneering/E84 armours and E92 weapons with brunie and ele, was kinda pain.

Anyway, as soon as you enter the ice wizards tower, you get teleported to an instance. if you computer is relatively new, or you don't lag, you have a chance of exploiting a bug there. as soon as you are ported in the mission run just a meter or two, forward, just to get the Veteran bless buff. it gives Atk/aspd/HP and AR/DR bonuses.

wait a second or two and 5 raidbosses will spawn. Novia, the purple dude, and 3 overgrown yu-gi-oh characters. be careful, if you ran too much ahead, the bosses will kill you in a second, before the conversation even starts, thus ending the mission before it even begins.

if you don't run forward to get the buff. wait till the conversation between the NPC's is over, and try to run inside the circle. after some time, i did manage to get the Veteran Bless buff, so there are basically two ways of getting it.

and you definetly need a Lightning ele for Novia.

Basically what i needed was: 10.000 hp pots, 17k bullets, 20 invisible pots, and a lot of patience.

first thing that happes after conversation: the three bosses aggro you, and use skills at the same time. thats 3x9k dmg for me with my armours, wichc was too much. so: you run away from the mobs, get your team killed, except you scout, use invisible pot to loose aggro, the bosses will aggro Gavin and Selva, you get back to your two members with your scout, ress them, run as far away as possible, and rebuff. then: TAKE DOWN BOSSES ONE BY ONE, NOVIA THE LAST!!!!

it will ease the mission, and you can kill Novia in few minutes.

so after you have taken down the raidbosses, start preparing for novia. use lightning bracelets on your ele, to deal her the dmg. now what i did, was to scatter my team so her attacks wouldnt hit them all at once. then i just spammed Lightning spells on novia. Brunie, fully buffed, her Aspd 11 with outrage got 75% of her attacks blocked by novias buff, so she was quite useless. the scout died the first. brunie was a few minutes later, and then i just spammed potions and spells.

now novia does tend to "freeze" your chars so be careful. i always forgot to bring Antidotes for my scouts recovery skill, so i was more or less frozen.

but after 12 long hours of trying, countless HP pots, and 40m in vis (dun ask), i managed to drop Novias hp on 50%, at that point a Conversation starts and selva or gavin kills the Novia with one strike. (which is pretty much retarded because a) they were both dead at that time b)Why didnt he/she use the skill in the first place ffs -.-)

so after that part you only need to complete the Katovic soup quest in order to get Gavin.

so I did.

and I got him.

STR: 6
HP: 6

basically a fighter with slover atk spd, and a wee bit more criticals.

and afetr VET-ing him, you may choose to give the point in AGI (to get a stock fighter with a bonus DEX), or just give him the point in STR like 90% of the melee fighters.

but do remember that he also has Outrage and sightshot. meaning that giving in AGI/DEX would make him a weaker shooter. which i dont recommend. just use rapiers on him. and after Selva comes out, get him, and Edward, and Selva in the team to get the 3man team buff :)

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RosS said...

Haha congratz to you for getting Gavin Jameson.
Din visit ur blog awhile only, u had update so many things onto it.