Monday, November 10, 2008

The one about Calyce Bernelli

So on saturday, i sold enuff of my items to buy me 50mp and get a Calyce RNC card. shes like a younger sister of Grace, the only difference is, she's not a "investigator" or a "policeman" as her bigger sis, but shes an assassin. She has both dagger stances (Escrima and Corte Duplicado), and along with those she has Arbalester and Saggita Crossbow stances.

crossbows are supposed to have same strength as rifles, but as far as i can tell, their strength is between Shotgun and a Rifle.

Her stats is actually pretty good





which is a wee bit faster than a normal musk, and a wee bit weaker than one. but vet-ing her would increase her DEX to 8 thus making a fast musk. Altough im still thinking of giving her vet point in AGI, which would make her attacks with a Bow insanely fast, and i could stil gain a lot if i choose to use her with daggers.

The quest:

1. Talk to Calyce. She is in Pegadilla, Port of Coimbra.

2. Talk to the Mercenary Soldier beside Calyce to start an instanced mission involving combat. The level of mob is dependent on your level. (You can stay out of combat and let the NPCs do the fighting.)

3.Talk to the Mercenary Soldier again and give him 50 Mystery Powders.

4.Talk to Princess Gabriel. She is in the Reception Hall, Cite de Reboldoeux.

5.Return to Calyce to receive Calyce Character Card. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- lv 60 crossbow

1.With Calyce as leader, talk to the Gurtrude Peterson (Jean-Pierre Gascon). He is located at F9, City of Auch.

2.Talk to Gurtrude again and choose the option to eavesdrop.

3.Talk to Gurtrude again after the cutscene.

4.Talk to Gerald. He is in Pegadilla, Port of Coimbra.

5.Talk to Calyce to receive a lvl60 Crossbow. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sagitta Stance Book

1.With Calyce as leader, talk to Gerard.

2.Talk to the Mercenary Soldier nearby.

3.Move to the indicated location at F2, Porto Bello, Deserted Quay. The trigger spot in somewhere between the six pillars.

4.Talk to Mamon to start an instanced mission involving combat with Mamon. (He takes a while to appear.)

5.Go inside the Sea Elephant Cafe of Port of Coimbra and talk to Gurtrude and Gerard. (They are a little bit hard to click on. Rotating the camera helps somewhat.)

6.Remove Calyce from active team, go to City of Auch, and talk to Auch's Gurtrude using any other character.

7.Put Calyce back in team, head back to Deserted Quay, and talk to Mamon to start another instanced mission.

8.Let Calyce's HP fall under 50% (or just let her die) in the mission and Fritz will appear. Talk to Fritz to receive the Sagitta Stance Book.

now the first thing that is wrong here is that it lacks certain info.


I really almost lost my nerves with this part, because someone wrote the guide, forgot this part of the info, and now everybody is copy+pasteing it, not knowing that it's wrong.

Is she worth those 50Mp and a freestancebook with a quest (or 60.000pesos), depends on your laziness lvl.?

it think so. I'm making a Brunie/Ele/Calyce team anyway, so nothing will survive long enuff to hit meh :D

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Anonymous said...

hello.. i'm having trouble beating the mob at the boat. Any skills to suggest?