Sunday, January 4, 2009

The one about my absence

So yeah i guess I was away for a month or two, but I didn't expect those shocking changes. Nostalgia has fallen apart, people moved on, I'm still stuck in the stupid jail, because I can't read korean.


Anyway, Happy new year to everyone, sorry I wasn't online with you guys, I was stuck @ work for the evening. Which sounds worse that it was. ATM I'm studying my ass off, since my exam era just started, but I promised those NoS ppl I'll join them ASAP.

So I'm really looking forward to seeing the v3.0 in the flash, I'm really looking forward to using Selva, since I almost broke my nerves doing the Gavin quest :D. Not to mention the all of the new places in GE. Aaaaaand I'm reaaallllyyy looking forward to spending Gpoints which I will buy as soon as i get paid for the month.

so this was just a small update, and to announce that I'm working on my second F.R.I.E.N.D.S. part duo project.

just a little insider: I't will contain: A hyperactive-never-fully-grown-up Artorian (Stock Fighter), anorexic self-destrictive CleoPetra (IBS), and a robot Eva (CTS) that wants to take over the world, by killing all humans (If you're lucky she'll keep you as a pet) :D.

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