Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The one about Epic Grade Glazium equpiment (Pioneering)

Now, today i finally got my Gpoints. It took them 14 days to send me the friggin' codes heh. the codes must really be a pain to type since it took them two weeks, to write 30 numbers.-.-


First thing i did was by Vet scroll for Calyce, and gave her a E92 Crossbow. then i accidentally teleported meyself to the wrong side of the town, and i ended up near the Pioneering support soldier.

So just for joke i tried a Lvl 100 poineering dagger for my Vet lisa. since shes already using pioneering Leather Armour, i expected to get a 26AR weapon that would match the DR of a Pioneering lvl 100 armour. what i got was a surprise. The dagger came with a 29AR!!!! so i quickly +5ed it, and got myself a 30AR dagger for 4X epic glaziums and 5Mp heh. you cant get cheaper than this. and kicking in a lvl 100 chip i almost got it with godly stats.

Now for people who don't know whats the bonus of chipping Pioneering equips let me tell you this.
Chipping armour will ALWAYS get : -DEF UP
-Mental res up.
and you always get ALL of those bonuses. not just one or two, but ALL!!!

Similair with the pioneering 100 weapons:
(and for ranged gear you get accuracy bonus)

now imagine spending 5mp for a 30 AR weapon, chipping it once, and not being afraid that chippin will only throw a chip away. (it usually takes me 2 chips to get atleast 36% atk up, and around 25-28% aspd up.)

those are the good sides.
Bad sides:

You can get Glazium only via ingame shop (and some quests), and Epic grade glazium only from quests. the costs are comulative. first weapon 4 pieces, next weapon of the same txpe, +4 pieces, next weapon of the same type +8 pieces... ect. so for 3 swords you'd need 4+8+12 pieces of Epic glazium. (and ofcourse 15Mp)

My Advice: if your E84 weapons dont dmg mobs the way they used to, get Pioneering lvl 100.

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