Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The last one in September

Sry 'bout that. i was unable to write anything due to my medical state i'm currently in. I do hope to get better in a while, so i can join you guys back at GE.

So october is going to be another month full of updates; Calyce (the crossbow/dagger assassin Rnpc) and the GS girl whats-her-name-again (uses Greatswords and freaking Cannons!).
Both of them will be available using the GP market, have no idea about the price though, but they will cost around 50Mp each (from my expectations), or even worse. I don't even dare to think those babes will be any cheaper. :/

But the v2.9 will also bring us the Fesos which is a GE ingame currency that will be an inter phase between vis and Gpoints. so basically Vis-> trade to Fesos-> trade to Gpoints. atleast thats what I expect. It's good 'n all but IAH just did a huge hole in their pockets. I mean, people won't buy Gpoints anymore, because the Fesos will have wider availabilty, and the vis sellers are kinda cheaper than Gpoints, because the prices are always dropping, and Vis stays the same.

I mean i'm not complaining or anything, like we say in my country; " podarjenemu konju se ne gleda v zobe." Which basically translates to; if you get stuff free, don't judge it.

With the october the 7th, there will be a server blend, which will repopulate the GE map with more griefers, botters, and all around retards that wanna spoil your game. I am still beiing optimistic that more than 5% of the new players will be aged 13+, will have some common sense in their heads, know atleast the basics of english, and won't scream: "HALCYON DOGS ARE YOU MAMA!!!!!11" all over the map when the Colony war ends....

Still have to keep my fingers crossed >.<

Kasu over and out.

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